Create OpenSSH Server

Written by Robert -

User your distro's package manager to install OpenSSH.

In this case I'm using Arch, so the command is sudo pacman -S openssh.



Open the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config using your favorite text editor. Add a line called AllowUsers and add a username behind it. Also uncomment the Port line. You can change the default port if you wish. This is especially useful when having a machine that has it's SSH port directly on the internet, like in the case of a VPS. If you use this, or don't trust the network where the machine is attached to, then make sure you take more security measures.

In my case I added these two lines:
AllowUsers robert
Port 22


Start the server:

First we start the SSH server:
sudo systemctl start sshd.socket

Now we can enable it so it starts automatically at boot:
sudo systemctl enable sshd.socket

Connecting to the server

From the client you can now use the following command to connect to the server:

If you have the same username on the server as you have on the client:
ssh ip_address

If you don't have the same username on the client as you have on the server, you need to specify this:
ssh username@ip_address

After accepting the fingerprint, you should now be connected: