Clear jobs in iDrac7

Written by Robert -

This shouldn't be done unless you really really need to. I had this job that was stuck for hours and was still there after several reboots. If possible, avoid doing this.

Log in to the iDrac7 controller using Your favorite SSH tool.
Open the racadm tool by typing racadm
To view the list of jobs, type jobqueue view

-------------------------JOB QUEUE------------------------
[Job ID=JID_835543100943]
Job Name=TSR_Collect
Status=Completed with Errors
Start Time=[Not Applicable]
Expiration Time=[Not Applicable]
Message=[SYS165: Job completed with errors.]
Percent Complete=[100]

Now you can see the ID of the job that's stuck in the queue. For some reason, it's not possible to clear this properly using the iDrac website.

To delete the job, use the following command:

jobqueue delete -i JID_835543100943

You can see the result here:

racadm jobqueue delete -i JID_835543100943
RAC1032: JID_835543100943 job(s) was cancelled by the user.