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Installing a Linux OS on a 2TB+ disk with a BIOS system

Written by Robert -

In most cases, such as Debian/Ubuntu and similar distributions, the installer of the operating system handles partition sizes perfectly. Some distro's don't. If you wish to install a Linux distribution that doesn't properly handle large drives, you might run into this limitation. This will result in a system not recognizing the large hard disks. That makes it impossible to boot. Luckily, there is a solution for this:

First off all, you need to make sure you create a GPT partition table. Make sure you first create a 1MB big EXT4 partition as the first partition (starting at sector 0). Make sure you mark it using biosgrub.

The rest of the disk should be an EXT4 partition but no boot flag can be set.

Install the Linux distribution of your choice.

Install Grub Legacy to the 1MB partition.

Mount the 1MB Grub partition.

Open /boot/grub/menu.lst using your favorite editor

Edit the root partition from hd0,0 to hd0,1 and edit pdev1=sda1 to pdev1=sda2

Save and reboot